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15 hours ago
Christlikeness our ultimate Goal, all other goals no matter how noble or notable are temporary. Christlikeness is eternal (1 Cor 3:10,14).
22 hours ago
Ye are my witnesses. Is there a god beside me? yes there is no God: I know not any.. (Is 44:8) PRAY: God make my witness to thy oneness. Jesus is God!
22 hours ago
The carpenter stretcheth out his rule, he marketh out with a line .. after the figure of a man (Is 44:19) PRAY: God give me the spirit of a carpenter, carve me after thine own image
22 hours ago
he maketh a god.. a graven image yea he warmeth himself and saith aha, I am warm I have seen the fire (Is 44: 15,16). PRAY: God deliver me from those who prophesy false fire and worship useless idols ..
23 hours ago
He feedeth on ashes a deceived heart hath tunred him aside, that he cannot deliver his soul (Is44:19 PRAY: O God deliverer my soul from from the ash heap mentality.