Salvation is a free gift of God, the gift of God which is eternal life. The forgiveness of sins which only God can forgive, being baptised for the remission of all one’s sins and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost (God) himself. O what an opportunity! Eternal life and the remission of sins. Today is your day to get right with God. No other decision is an important or as great.

Here is salvation in Brief.
Christ died for our sins. Christ died for us. All have sinned and come short of God’s standard. By one man sin came into the world, but by one man salvation is made available to all. Salvation is eternal life, salvation is the forgviness of sins, salvation is man made right with God and is given the peace of God. Salvation is man thought guilty of his past becoming a new creature in Christ through the gift of the Holy Ghost (God).

A man asked Jesus this question, he said how can a man enter again into his mothers womb ( To start a life over) Jesus said a man must be born of water and spirit. (John 3:5) That is baptised into the name for the remission of all sins and receive the holy Ghost. All those that received the Lord’s instructions are believers. Believers are those who have been born again just as Jesus said they ought to be born again.

We see the Jews receiving salvation and becoming born again again (Acts 238) We see the gentiles receiving salvation and being born again as in Acts 10:44-47) So both Jews and Gentiles (all races) must come into God’s kingdom and be one race in Jesus through the new birth.

How Do I Receive Salvation?

1. Be baptised into the name of Jesus. (not in the name of the father the son and the holy Ghost) that is a man mde religious substitute. We obey Jesus! and take on his name just as all sons born into a family take the name of the one father who is theirs. Taking on the name of Jesus is  our declaration that Jeaus is our father (Isiah 9:6) not the pope.

How Do I Receive the Holy Ghost

3. Receive the Holy Ghost. The promise of the Father, the Holy Ghost is life coming to you. The Holy Ghost is a seal, you know your sins are forgiven and your salvation is sure. You shall speak in other tongues as the Spirit gives you utterance.

How Do I Study the Bible

Start with JOHN it tells us about Jesus and his life as the God man. Then read the book of ACTS. Acts tells us about the faith and  miracles of the early disciples. Read the book of PSALMS for coMfort and understanding of God’s provision and blessing

Finding a Good Church

A good church preaches the truth, especially of salvation, its good and essential to find a church that believes in salvation as the apostles believed it and as Jesus taught it. I am preparing a list of churces tat can help you but the tak is enormous so ttake a lookoat some of the churches we recommend and if you would like assistance please contact us via our contact form. Thankyou


NB This is a personal listing by brother Paul. and him having some knowledge or association or friendship with the ministries listed