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COMING JUNE 2018    Are you a Media EvangelistRevival PreacherYouTube EVANGELIST, World evangelist?
The evangelist today is both global and local in ministry. Online and offline. The church and world needs the ministry of the evangelist. My passion is to help others build ministries as full time evangelists. Evangelists unlike pastors have lesser financial back up and their audience is different. Its harder to build an evangelistsic ministry  than a pastoral one. the trust factor has to be built and ones credibility built over a lifetime. there are many areas that evangelists need support in, including building a financial base, working with Pastors, marketing ones ministry, self support, retirement issues, working with different denominations. Building your ministry online, working with churches in other countries*. The task is huge. I have spent several years fulltime as a revival preacher in US. I saw the strain on fulltime evangelists, many were quitting the call to become pastors which to them offered their family a little more security, than just travelling from town to town having revivals. I believe if preaching revivals or being a misionary preacher is your passion God will make a way, but its up to us to also connect and share fellowship so that we can edify and share important ministry builders with each other so that we can succeed as evangelists in todays twenty first century world.

# Fellowship an online place where we can share ideas that work and offer help
# A Place of recognition of your call. We offer a certificate of ministry which you can place on your website. This shows you are connected and part of something bigger than just your call.
# Articles; by you and others that specifially answer questions that evangelists have today
# A network for  online preachers, including media preachers, social media preachers, youtube evangelists, twitter evangelists, etc. we recognise a new world that needs you and the gospel of Jesus. Our Goal to obey Jesus and go into the world and preach the gospel… this is possible.
# Annual Masterclass for Evangelists: High standards, challenge yourself to improved learning. Set the bench-mark high. Brother Paul offers an annual  revision,  20 tough questions that will provoke key thought for the coming year highlighting new areas to look into and have knowledge of online. Secondly, If we aim to see a global awakening like Peter and Paul we must progress in our knowledge of God and so be able to preach the apostles doctrine. My annual preachers challenge will help you achieve this.
# Papers* as listed above are being made available.

Join me Brother Paul on our Group …

To do our part I want to offer you membership to our evangelist network. You will be required to read two of the the following 5 books, available as ebooks on Amazon by brother Paul. These are: The Ministry of the EvangelistThe worlds Largest Pulpit Your Living RoomThe Second Adam, The manifestation of the Sons of God –  Acts 2:38 Salvation – Spiritual gifts. Each YEAR brother Paul presents an Annual masterclass for Evangelists, a challenge for preachers with the toughest questions you’ll find in any continual-training programe, designed to keep you focused, on the edge of ministry, relevant and of course connected. The world deserves the best of ministry and in a day when anyone can be anyhting we aim to raise the bar, so that folks joining us as a network can say we are reliable, credible and doctrinally sound, This leads to trust, where you be able to build a strong ministry that last into eternity. So a program that has this edge, benefits its members. All members are issued with an attractive online membership certificate and are considered members.