Hi and welcome to Pentecostal.tv,. by pentecostal I mean apostolic (apostles) (Acts 2:42) in doctrine and pentecostal in experience (Acts 2:38).  If we can preach it like they (the apostles) preached it then we can see it like they saw it!

We need an Awakening an Acts 238 One God awakening.

Heres my mini BIO:
Youth Leader in 80s.
Pastored in the welsh valleys.
Went to USA in 95 to Preach revivals.
Worked with Fijians in Ministry and french Congolese.
Presently with CAA (Zimbabweans) in UK.
Passion to return to USA to Preach Revivals.

The Gospel to the world online and offline through media, and the written word. It has been a long time in my spirit the vision of a talk show for preachers where we can listen to good preaching, enjoy good discussion and listen good good gospel music. Well this is a start. “I belive this start with what you got and what you need will come to you.” all you may have is a word from God and an internet platform, but give it to God, sow into it and God will advance it and make is a success. The reason I start off small is this, starting is Big. if you can built it online you can build it offline…. If you want to help me promote the pentecostal preacher and his ministry, please consider supporting this good cause and mysef in fulltime ministry for which I’ll be eternally grateful.   (Paul)

Greetings Friend in the name of Jesus.

Pentecostal.tv celebrating the name, The name of Jesus, the name that reveals deity and his salvation, in blog, testimonial, media and podcast format. We shall cover many interesting ssubjects from Dominion, healing and deliverance to salvation in Acts, the oneness of God and leadership and many other topics as time is embraced and Ministries added. I have met many interesting folks in my travels as an evangelist preaching revivals. Pastors and preachers who have passion to share the gospel with the world. For those who are considering reaching beyond their website or local church this many be a platform for you to consider.

Today it is possibe to reach the world from your home or office and O what accountabiity we now have to the master for the investing of his words into the kingdom.

Why not take the time to join me Paul B Thomas. connect to me on twitter pentecostal.tv I have a community called Apostolic Preachers on Google + where we can get to know each other and I can discover more of your ministry.
I would like to mail you a free copy of my EBook…

Be blessed and enjoy Pentecostal.tv.

Statement of Faith (condensed). The one True God Our Great God and Savior Jesus Christ. Who took on flesh to die for us and redeem us (1 Tim 3:16). We believe in salvation in the name of Jesus for the remission of all sins (Acts 2:38). The gifts of the Holy Ghost ( 1 Cor 12,14) The five fold ministry (Eph 4;11,12) Divine healing through faith in the name of Jesus (Isaiah 43). Reconciliation with God through his blood and the new birth (John 3:5). The duty of the beliver to go into all the world and preach the gospel with signs following (Mark 16:15-18).